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Thank you for visiting my beloved blog.

I’ve fallen victim to the biggest blogging blunder that plagues all bloggers: negligence.

For the past two years, buzz n blend served as an outlet for my obsession with cosmetics, the beauty industry and cause marketing.

And in the past few months, my obsession with everything makeup has unfortunately fizzled…

But I’m going strong in my journey in the cause marketing space as an assistant account executive at Cone, a Boston-based PR/marketing agency with a specialization in social impact.

At Cone, I help corporations partner with nonprofits, develop employee volunteerism programs and cause marketing initiatives. I also assist nonprofits with their communication strategies. 

I was previously on a mission to blend beauty with social good, but I’ve refined my mission to practice PR for a purpose.

I want to inform, influence, inspire.

I still swoon at the sight of a fresh tube of red lipstick, lust over the fall collections of nail polishes and always covet great mascara, but a career in cosmetics is no longer what I want to pursue anymore.  I’m still trying to figure out what my ideal job looks like… As corny as it sounds, the possibilities are endless. I hope you understand.

On to the next.


Back from my Avon Walk for Breast Cancer days…

Controlling My Cosmetics Craze, Spring Cleaning Your Collection

Besides the three Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters I’ve recently splurged on (darn you, CVS BOGO sales), I’ve calmed and controlled my craze for cosmetics because:

1) I’m on a college student budget


2) Hoarding cosmetics is essentially a waste

There’s no need to own five different black eyeliners, seven barely used eyeshadow palettes and a countless collection of lippies and nailpolishes. Some products are lucky enough to have been used more than twice and most catch dust in my drawer.

Therefore, I’ve challenged myself to FINISH a product before I purchase another of its kind. For example, I’m not allowed to buy another red lipstick until I finish the tube I already own.

Not to mention, makeup expires.

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